Friday, January 16, 2009

NexusVII and Stussy, NaS....

Nasty NaS, NaS Esco, Escobar, God's Son. Whatever you wanna call him NaS is classic. Game recognizes game, as this classic artist collab's with two classic lines Stussy and Japanese brand NexusVII. THESE WILL BE RELEASED TOMORROW 1.17.09. Ridiculously limited quantities available. First come first serve. Sorry no phone orders or holds.

Friday, January 9, 2009

La Brea tees

La Brea tees

Release 01.10.09

"Taxi Driver" & "Scarface"

NaS is coming....

as most of you know nas did a concert in japan on december 8th. in celebration stussy x nas x nexus VII came together and did a limited edition run of tee's. we are proud to bring them to the hawaii massive next saturday, january 17th.