Friday, November 14, 2008

11/14 big update...

a lot of new product has been arriving at our doors. so we've been very busy trying to get it on the floor to you guys.
first we got the stussy x brooks collab saddle. a great stussy touch to any bicycle, with great quality from world re-known saddle manufacturer, brooks. very limited quantities. come down and see it before it's gone.

we received some new fitteds for the winter season. a definite a head turner.

our store mascot has got a big heads up for you. if you don't understand what it is. i will tell you. we got the re-up all of you have been asking for. pulled from directs' stock so we can offer it to our loyal customers. come down and pick this up before it's gone.

we also received a huge shipment of winter clothes. this shipment is "huge" no other word can describe it. some real dope pieces. there is so much new product that i decided to take an over view shot instead of individuals. just come down and check it out. see you here. peace.