Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stussy X Ricoh GRIII Digital Camera

As part of the 30th anniversary (XXX)
special projects, Stussy has teamed up with
Ricoh to produce a co-branded GR Digital III
camera. Ricoh, the Japanese electronics
company founded in 1936, has previously
never collaborated with a brand to offer a
customized camera body in their cult
favorite GR Digital line.

Inspired by Friends who use the brand's
equipment, such as Japan based
photographer Rip Zinger, we were
impressed by the size, looks and
performance of the Ricoh GR series.

To celebrate the Stussy X Ricoh GR Digital III
release, Stussy will curate and present a
photo project featuring virtual galleries of
photographers who we have worked with or
admired over our 30-year history.

Limited quantities of the Stussy X Ricoh
camera will be produced and available for
purchase through Stussy Chapter stores.
Available February 6th 2010.