Monday, February 21, 2011

Stussy Honolulu Tees Lei'd and Barker

Stussy Honolulu Lei'd Tee


The iconic stussy SS links wrapped with a maile lei. A Maile lei is  type of lei, having a looser and whole leafy appearance, that can be made entirely of fresh green leaves but from the maile vine, in open loop variation.

Stussy Stock Honolulu Barker Tee

Classic stussy signature font logo with a tapa ( or bark cloth ) design. Tapa is a handprinted design on a paperlike cloth made in the South Pacific islands. The ancient Hawaiians used the bark cloth or kapa of the Paper Mulberry plant to make tapa, their primary material for clothing. 

Both tees will be available 
February 25th 2011 (02.25.2011)