Friday, November 12, 2010

The Time and Space Machine by Richard Norris

Transcending musical genres, and then creating a new one is left to very few music producers, and to those individuals we a debt of gratitude. Richard Norris is one of the musical elite, who has done just that.

After moving to London in the late 80's, Richard hooked up with Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle fame to produce one of the first Acid House albums in 1987 called "Jack the tab", which put him on a new path into electronic music.

Richard then went on to become a music writer for NME and Select, plus was an integral member of the team who produced the iconic Boy's Own fanzines.

In 1988, Richard formed the The Grid with Soft Cell's Dave Bell and went on to have a string of hits with "Floatation", "A Beat Called Love", amongst many others - Richard was on of the pioneers of the Balearic/Acid House scene. During this period, Richard was a prolific remixer for bands such as Happy Mondays. Pet Shop Boys, plus a whole host of others.

After years of success with the The Grid, Richard was one of the first producers onto the Electroclash scene with his band The Droyds and label "God Made Me Hardcore" - yet again Richard was at the forefront of a new music scene.

In the mid "nineties", Richard began working with Erol Alkan who had carved a unique niche for himself with his club night "Trash" in London. "Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve" was created, and the result was a magical collaboration of two like-minded individuals. They released four mini albums and remixed the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Franz Ferdinand - Plus played gigs all over the world. Off the back of BTWS, Richard created the ultra-psych "Time and Space Machine" with an album in early 2010 - a busy year!

Creator and pioneer of music scenes, amazing producer, remixer, DJ and live band member - Richard Norris stands above the crowd as someone who delivers music that broadens and blows the mind in equal measure.